As our client, you will be spending a lot of time with us.  You might even speak to us more than you do your own family.  While we can give you recommendations from past clients, we hope that you choose us because we are the best fit and have the right attitude for to make your home what you have envisioned.  Here are a few tips we've learned that may help you decide on the best contractor for your needs.  

  • Develop your dream team as early as possible.  We can join your project team at almost  any time.  However, the best project results occur when your architect, designer and general contractor are a unified team.  Our best work requires coordination to achieve your goals.   Generally, we recommend:
    • Design and planning for 6-12 months
    • Permitting up to 2 months
    • Construction 12 months
  • Embrace the building process by trusting the professionals you have chosen to hire.  We understand the emotional investment you are undertaking as well as the financial one.   We will be prepared to guide you along the way of this evolving process called construction.
  • Don't start until you are really ready.  Changes made during construction are costly and often affect more of the project than anticipated.  Making design and selection decisions before construction begins are paramount.  It's all in the details!
  • Once you are ready to start, enjoy the process.  As your contractor, we care about the final finished product more than you could imagine.  To do this, we will maintain construction order throughout your project and keep to the planned design.