So you're saying you want to change your world?

For me, this is how it all starts.  Something bugs you about your house, or you have a vision, a goal of how you should and better yet could live.  I want to share the reality of construction and obtaining your dream home. The route of construction isn't for the weak and it takes time to get it right. You can't get your dream house in ONE week as HGTV would have you believe. There are details, lots and lots of details, decisions, and dedication to the vision that you can and will have a different home one day. So, you want to change your world?  You've got to get going with step one which is to understand DECONSTRUCTIONISM.  

This blog is going to take you on a personal journey as my family completes a large scale renovation on our home. Yes, I'm an expert as a General Contractor in Atlanta, I am paid to build and renovate homes. So, who better to tell you how to really do it--and who better to laugh at when things go wrong or take longer or just don't work out. It's one of the best reality shows out there--take your largest asset (your home) and completely tear it down, or ruin it with intentions of building it back to a better, more beautiful, more functional, more PERFECT place for your family to call home.  Then throw in huge amounts of planning and design time, accurately budget to do something that has never been done before, and get it  all right the first time. Simple, right? Well, if it was, everyone would be doing it. There are realities that are often harsh and we're going to see and discuss as many of them as we can, all while our family of four begins on this journey with a single decision. Yes, we want to change our world!  Let's go!